Tips Saving Money on Your Heating Bills

Ten Tips for saving money on your heating bills:

Heating bills:

These are some tips for saving money. We all love to save money and have lower bills!

  1. Use the sun for free heat. That bright orb in the sky should be the focus of temperature control in your residence throughout the year. Open the curtains on your south-facing windows during winter days to bring free heat into your home. Close your window coverings when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside.
  2. Bundle up with warm accessories. This is one of the easiest ways to save on your heating bill. Instead of turning the heat up. Put on a can put on a cozy winter sweater and warm socks. Keep throw blankets on your couch and add an area rug to insulate the floor.
  3. Use ceiling fans to your advantage. Homes that have better ventilation and airflow can be more energy efficient. Ceiling fans in your apartment. Let’s you have more control over ventilation than you know. Ceiling fans can be used strategically to achieve better airflow. Counter-clockwise will push hot air up in the summer and clockwise will trap heat inside. This is to keep your rooms warmer during cooler months. Turn your ceiling fan on a low setting to gently push hot air back down.
  4. Adjust the thermostat at night. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills. So, by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours. Consider investing in flannel sheets and a warm comforter for your bed. Keeping your apartment cooler when you sleep.
  5. Only heat the rooms you use. If you have rooms that you never use, like guest rooms or large storage areas. Just close and seal off the vents in those rooms to be more energy efficient. Directing the flow of air to the rooms you use most. Energy bills run, on average, $183 per month. By using a space heater in the rooms where you need it and setting the thermostat to 62 degrees. You can save approximately $200 each year or more.
  6. Keep your furnace clean and unblocked. Keeping your furnace and vents properly maintained will reduce energy consumption and help you save. Check your furnace filter monthly, and replace it when it gets dirty.
  7. Get a humidifier to add moisture to the air. The air inside your home can become very dry. Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better, so a humidifier can help you feel comfortable when your thermostat is set at a lower temperature. You can also increase the humidity in your apartment with a collection of plants.
  8. Invest in insulation. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs are lost each year due to escaping heat and cold air in homes. This is without proper insulation. Get some inexpensive insulation from your local home improvement store and cover up all those areas where heat might escape. Start with foam weather stripping for your doors and windows. That is cheap and is extremely easy to apply
  9. Decorate with LED lights for the holidays. Buy new LED holiday lights, which use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than older. In addition to consuming less energy, LED lights don’t emit as much heat and are more resistant to breakage. Having this is a way of making them a safer alternative. Bonus tip: Always unplug your holiday lights before going to bed or leaving the house. As with all appliances and electronics, your holiday lights will continue to draw power even when not in use, which adds unnecessary expense to utility bills.
  10. Only use exhaust fans when necessary. Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom pull the hot air that rises to the ceiling out of your apartment. Use exhaust fans sparingly and shut them off when you are done with them.

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