Saving Money on Heating Bills

Everyone wants to be saving money on heating bills


Heating bills, everyone wants to save money that is what we all strive for. On average, people use something like 65 gallons of hot water daily to wash your clothes. To do your dishes, and on yourself. That’s 65 gallons of water that has to be heated – and often reheated, especially if your water heater sits in a cold basement, every day.

It’s no wonder, then, that heating water can account for more than 20 percent or more of your monthly energy bill. If not more.

How to help save money. You have some basic ways to do that.

    • 20 gallons for a medium-sized load of laundry
    • 12 gallons for a shower
    • 8 gallons for a dishwasher
    • 2 gallons per minute for a kitchen / bathroom faucet Use less hot water – It’s not that hard, and it starts with awareness of usage. Consider how much hot water each of these common tasks uses without you even knowing it:
    • As you can see, the gallons add up very quickly – and you pay to heat every one of them.


    Some simple ways to save money:

  1. To maximize saving money on heating bills, start with Installing low-flow shower heads, timing your showers, and always running your dishwasher or washing machine with a full load. Take advantage of energy saving modes on your hot water appliances and wash clothes on the cold setting – today’s detergents work just fine in cold water.
  2. Insulate pipes and your water heater tank – Most water heaters sit in cold basements all winter long. Rather than pass water through cold pipes to your tap or appliance. Which takes longer and uses more water. Insulating your water heater’s tank can help stored water to keep its heat. While insulating the first six feet or so of the pipes connected to the water heater (at minimum) can reduce heat lost in transit.
  3. Adjusting your water heater’s thermostat – The US Department of Energy recommends a water heater temperature of a comfortable 120°. Which is lower – sometimes significantly lower – than the default setting of today’s water heaters. Check your owner’s manual to find out how to reset the thermostat.
  4. Install a high-efficiency water heater – Today’s high-efficiency water heaters are great energy savers that can cut your monthly energy bills by 25 percent or more.

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