Cenco Home Heating Oil Benefits

Cenco Home Heating Oil Benefits:

Being a family owned and operated company for decades has taught us the importance of customer service and customer awareness. Both of those goes hand in hand in our beliefs. Customer service is more than just delivering home heating oil. It’s having a great relationship with your customers and keeping them informed on your product and their heating oil tanks.

One prime example for all Cenco heating oil customers is we advise all of our clients of the importance of proper maintenance, scheduling and how to save them money long term. Over the years we have informed all of our customers about not letting their heating oil tanks run too low or dry. This can cause condensation and rot the tank from the inside out, that is a very costly error that is common across our industry. Another issue people come across is by allowing their oil tank to run low. That will allow sediment build up and can easily cause your fuel filter to clog. Nothing can be worse in the cold winter months than having an issue with a heating oil tank or any other parts associated with your system.

Our goal at Cenco is to keep long lasting happy customers by teaching them what we have learned over our many years of servicing clients. We have topped off oil tanks for many customers to keep from anything becoming costly in the future. Keeping every customer informed is extremely important to us, because we want all our customers to never have to spend money on avoidable repairs. Don’t ever feel that you shouldn’t ask questions or advice when it comes to your system. We don’t just show up and drop off home heating oil, we guide you along in the process!

Proudly delivering home heating oil to Burlington County, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

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