Cenco Heating Oil Tank Tips

Cenco Heating Oil Tank Tips

Cenco home heating oil tank tips comes from years of seeing a lot of possible scenarios that can be avoided. Oil tanks can be located underground, above ground or in the basement. They can rust and leak over time, posing a number of environmental and health risks. In the event of a leaking tank where heating oil comes into contact with soil or groundwater – New Jersey requires homeowners to take prompt action to minimize those risks. As well as we want our customers to be happy and enjoy our outstanding customer service, we offer some tips.

The following below could be signs of a leak in your home heating oil tank, here are a few examples to look for: 

-Any unexpected/unexplained fuel oil consumption increase that doesn’t appear to be caused by additional use of your heating system (such as during prolonged periods of cold weather)

-Water in your underground oil tank

-Consistent problems with your oil burner

-Changes in or loss of grass, plants in the area over and around the tank

-Oil odors in areas other than around the oil burner (typically located in a basement or utility room)

-Tastes, odors or other problems with your drinking water (if obtained from a well)

-Staining on basement walls or floors adjacent to the tank

-Presence of oil in the basement sump or drain

-Oil or sheen in any nearby swells, drainage ditches, storm drains, streams, grass or ponds.

Any of these please apply to you, please contact us as soon as possible https://cencoheatingoil.com/contact-cenco-heating-oil-propane/

Cenco Heating Oil has been in business for over 30 years servicing Burlington County and recommends you do a walk through on your tank. Whether it is winter or summer, check your tank and make sure no oil stains are present. Our highly trained certified delivery specialists check your above ground tanks when we fill but we still suggest you let us know of any concerns.

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