The Benefits of Propane

Facts about Propane

The benefits of propane are endless! Here are some quick facts about it.

  • Propane is a nontoxic, colorless, and odorless gas.
  • A chemical odorant is added to make smelling a leak possible.
  • 90% of propane is produced domestically (70% of the remaining supply comes from Canada & Mexico).
  • Propane is the most popular alternative fuel for transportation with over four million vehicles running on propane worldwide.
  • Propane is clean and emits low greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants.
  • Along with being environmentally friendly, propane is very efficient and cost-effective compared with other energy sources.
  • For homes, businesses, fleets, and farms, propane is a safe and cost-effective choice.
  • Propane will not cause damage to ecosystems and will only cause bodily harm if liquid propane contacts skin or if propane vapor is ignited after a spill. The U.S. government classifies propane as an approved clean fuel.

Benefits of Propane

Clean Energy

Propane produces less than half the greenhouse gases associated with coal-fired electricity power plants. Being that propane is so environmentally friendly, there are rebates and other incentives from both state and federal programs!

Energy Efficient

Propane is an efficient source of energy, reducing energy costs and providing reliable cheap energy for all your business and residential needs. Depending on how many systems you are replacing, propane can reduce your energy costs by up to 70%!


Propane is nontoxic, there are no harmful effects from a propane spill, except if it the vapor gets ignited following a spill. Because of its eco-friendliness, propane is a very popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts for its ease of transport and storage. Propane installers and service providers are licensed by the state and are required to go through rigorous training.

Propane Uses

Although propane is used mostly for heating, this remarkable fuel is used for many other purposes as well. About 60 million people in the United States use propane!

Home Heating

For homes, business, and farms, propane is a safe and cost-effective choice. Propane can save you about 50% on energy costs associated with electricity. Propane pumps provide higher temperatures, a more consistent flow of warm air compared to electric heat pumps, and can last over 20 years.


Along with home heating systems, propane can power your fireplaces as well. Any gas fireplace can quickly and easily be converted to propane, inside or outside.

Water Heating

Although the upfront costs are considerably more, propane water heaters typically use 50% less energy, making the long-term savings worth the short-term investment. Compared with an electric model, a propane water heater can save you 60% on your energy bills.

Pool and Spa Heating

Millions around the world already use propane to heat their swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, whirlpools, and patio.


benefits of propane from replacing applicances

Propane refrigerators, gas ovens, freezers, clothes dryers, and other appliances are available. Propane is an affordable, efficient, and safe choice for all your home’s major appliances.

Lawn Care

Many lawn care fleets have switched to propane, because it lowers fuel emissions and costs, while increasing performance.

Clothes Dryer

Compared to traditional electric models, a propane powered clothes dryer costs about $50-$100 more initially, but the lower price per gallon will make up for the larger upfront costs. However, this depends on your home’s total energy use. If you have more appliances running on propane, this will help lower your price per gallon.

Gas Grills

In the United States, propane is used to power most grills sold. It can also be used to power mobile home and RV appliances, generators, and greenhouse heaters.

Gas Lighting

Propane is cheaper and better for the environment than electricity, and are ideal for more rural areas, where electricity is sparse or not available

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