Why Choose Heating Oil

Why Choose Heating Oil?

There are many benefits to answer the question “Why Choose Heating Oil”?

Switching can cost you!

The main reason is cost because if you compare trying to switch over to gas. Simply, you would see a massive upfront investment without the long term benefits. Simply going to https://www.convertfromoiltogas.com/ would show you the upfront cost breakdown. With the varying cost of gas you may never recover the investment.

Clean Burning

It has been disputed for a long time as to which system will burn cleaner. With advances in how oil is produced, you may see a much cleaner burn. This is an area where a lot of people are actually misinformed. Bio Heating oil, assuming at least a 11% blend of BioDiesel, burns cleaner than Natural Gas. Furthermore, testing conducted by the Fuel Merchants Association (FMA) found that a Bio Heating oil blend of 89% low-sulfur heating oil and 11% BioDiesel (B20) reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by as much as 80% or more. Nitrogen oxide emissions were lowered by about 20%. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions can be lowered by 20%.

Long Term Maintenance

Oil is by far the easiest to maintain but also costs less and tank maintenance and proper filling is simple. Some simple things to remember is, never let your tank run too low, have your oil company do regular check ups and notify your local oil company if you smell or hear anything irregular.


Oil heat vs. gas heat –

Get the facts and learn about the cost. Simply, pay attention to the changes in each industry. You may be surprised when asked “Why Choose Heating Oil”. We have a lot of customers that ask many questions about the industry. As a result, for more information contact us at https://cencoheatingoil.com/contact-cenco-heating-oil-propane/ . We offer both Heating oil and Propane to service all of Burlington County.

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