Save Money On Heating Oil

Heating Oil and Saving Money!

We say “Save Money on Heating Oil”. A lot of customers for many reasons are spending more by filling their Home Heating Oil every few weeks at minimal amounts. Some for 50 gallons, some for 100 gallons. In the long run, they are paying more for heating oil and not saving money. By not taking advantage of budget plans or loyalty plans, you could be spending much more.

Programs like these are set up knowing and understanding everyone has a budget. No different than paying your electric bill or any other utilities that are necessities. Joining these plans will allow you to properly budget and save money at the same time.

Cenco’s Loyalty Budget Plan

We are a family-owned and operated company, so we understand what it’s like to plan a monthly budget. We care and value our loyal customers and have created this program for YOU. That’s why we have also created a few options when it comes to payments for YOU our loyal customers.

Cenco’s Loyalty Budget Plan allows you to spread your heating bills out over 10 or 12 monthly payments. At the end of the heating season, if you kept your budget payments current during the heating season, you are eligible to receive 10 cents for each gallon purchased. This will be in the form of a rebate check or simply apply the rebate check to the next heating season.

  • The 10-month plan runs from June thru March
  • The 12-month plan runs from May thru April

So, instead of paying in full in the months when you use most of your fuel. You can pay little by little during the year, allowing you to budget like a monthly bill. Also, you will always know what your monthly payment is going to be since it will be the same monthly rate. Congrats and thank you for being a loyal Cenco customer!

Cenco has been proudly servicing:

Burlington County, New Jersey, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania for over 30 years!

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