Heating Oil In The Summer

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It’s not often that people talk about heating oil in the summer. But if you’re looking for a deal on the upcoming season, now is the time!

Like gas for your car, heating oil is a commodity with prices that change throughout the year based on supply and demand. Its demand vastly increases during the cold winter months, meaning that heating oil prices often skyrocket at the end of the year.

heating oil cap pre-purchase

If you are one of the over 5 million consumers that use heating oil as your primary heating fuel, you know how frustrating it can be to purchase heating oil in the winter as the price increases. Especially if you count the amount of time spent calling different companies trying to find the best price. But did you know that you can save money on your heating bill by buying oil before winter begins?


A Pre-Purchase Cap Program or like we love to call it the Price Protection Program! Make just one payment for the year and you won’t need to worry about oil bills for the rest of the heating season. With Cenco’s Heating Oil Cap Pre-Purchase Program, your price will be capped for each prepaid gallon purchased that you sign up for and delivered between October 1st and May 31st. You must purchase a minimum of 500 gallons. Once your prepaid gallons are used up, your price will go to the prevailing market rate.

The Cap Pre-Purchase Program has grown over several years with us. Making for happy customers and many more key benefits that you can receive. Join us and check out more information below!

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