Why Cenco Heating Oil and Propane

Why Cenco Heating Oil and Propane

Many customers choose to work with businesses that have a purpose. A specific way that a business operates, whether it’s customer service, family owned and operated or just honest incredible people.That’s what you get when you choose Cenco for home heating oil or propane. Their passion, family of employees and the overall atmosphere is remarkable. Take for instance a few of the key points they have to offer.

Worry free automatic delivery

  • The conveniences of not having to monitor your own tank and avoid running out of oil.
  • You the customer would not have to worry about being home to pay the driver as you do with other C.O.D. companies.

Will Call Delivery

  • Cenco Heating Oil & Propane provides prompt, reliable delivery service to our customers who prefer to check their tanks themselves.

Budget Payment Plan

  • Cenco Heating Oil & Propane Budget Plan allows you to spread your heating bills out over 10 or 12 monthly payments, the plan runs from June – March or May – April. So, instead of paying in full in the months when you use most of your fuel, you can pay little by little during the year. Also, you will always know what your monthly payment is going to be, since it will be the same monthly rate.

They also offer:

  • New Customer Discounts
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Online Scheduling


These are just some of the key benefits of using Cenco Heating Oil and Propane. All of this has been from years of hard work and integrity, realizing customer service has to be number one. When you run a business with the mentality that the customer comes first, Cenco realized they will never let anyone down. Built and well established in Burlington County New Jersey, they have become a household name.

“All our friends are warm ones”.

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