Cenco Heating Oil And Propane

Cenco Heating Oil And Propane

Many companies believe they are the best at what they do. Whether it’s pricing, delivery or product. Cenco offers many benefits that surpass the industry average. While being well established for over 35 years in Burlington, New Jersey helps, here are some more benefits.

  1.  State of the art equipment, ensuring proper delivery.
  2.  Customer service, with a long list of valued long-term customers.
  3. A one-stop shop for Propane, Home Heating Oil, On and OFF Road Diesel and installation.
  4.  A state of the art website that allows for you the customer to limit your time.
    1. Schedule Appointments
    2. Find valuable information
    3. Email or direct texting
    4. Cap Programs
    5. Budget Programs
    6. First Time Customer Coupons
    7. Loyalty Discounts for long-term customers
    8. Meet Our Staff
    9. About Us


Those are a few benefits customers can take when choosing Cenco Heating Oil and Propane. Taking pride in what you do, ensures a great customer experience. Having fast access to a lot of information can help us guide you in the right direction. Whether you need Home Heating Oil or need a Propane Install to offer more choices, they have you covered.

Cenco Heating Oil and Propane

Its very important to know the history of customers, along with customer feedback. Here’s more about us:

Cenco Was Originally Central Country Oil (Which Was Established In The 30’S), It Was Sold To Cenco In 1979 Where They Kept The Same Business Integrity And Customer Operations The Same. Bob Lineman Sr. Who Ran The Company Decided To Purchase It In 1999 With The Same Mindset Of Providing High-Quality Discount Heating Oil And The Highest Level Of Customer Service. Bob Lineman Sr. Was An Employee Prior To That Starting With The Company In 1966.

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“All our friends are warm ones” -Cenco Family

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