Cenco Heating & Cooling Service


 Cenco Heating & Cooling Service

Have you had your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment serviced lately? If the answer is no, then Cenco Heating & Cooling Service is the right choice for all your needs. Above and below are just a short list of what services Cenco has to offer you.



  • Service and Installation of Oil Fired & Natural Gas Furnaces..


  • Service and Installation of Electric, Gas & Oil Boilers, Furnaces, & Heat Pumps.

  • Service and Installation of Radiators, Baseboard, Radiant Heat, & Forced Hot Air.

  • Installation of Honeywell, Emerson, & other Thermostats.

  • Water Heater, Water Coils, Hot Water Storage Tank Installations.

  • Basement and Above Ground Oil Tank Removal and Installation.

  • Chimney Flue Liner Installation

  • Minor Plumbing Repairs and Much More.


Call Us Today Number: 1-609-386-0101


PA Contractor's License: PA022956


NJ Contractor's License: 13VH04339100